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2020 Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage) – Silver

I got my new MacBook Pro M1 two weeks ago and could not be more happy with it. This machine is absolutely incredible in terms of speed, looks, weight/size, display, and battery life – and texture (it feels so good against the skin on my wrists as I type) and basically anything else you can think of. I also love the space gray color, the new keyboard, the Touch Bar, and the larger trackpad. There are so many options to customize the system to work just the way I like.
My previous MacBook was the 2011 model and it still works today, but after 10 years it became too slow and the trackpad had trouble clicking, so after a TON of research, I decided to pull the trigger and get the New MacBook Pro with the M1 chip.
A couple suggestions I am able to give after spending almost two months and probably over 30 hours researching the new MacBook are: go with the standard model of 8gb of RAM and the 256 ssd – you can get this on Amazon for $1239 vs $1299 at Apple – so you get to save 60 bucks, and you have the added satisfaction of not having to deal with the snobby nerd losers that work in the Apple Store, who asked me rudely when I went in to get a new laptop “umm, do you have an appointment? Well, you’re going to have to make an appointment if you want to go in the store”. I love Apple products and will never use another phone or computer besides the iPhone and MacBook, but after that experience I will never again give my business to the physical Apple Stores. I mean, seriously, do you really need me to make an appointment to buy a $1300 laptop? Whatever dude.
Anyway, in several YouTube videos that compared the 8GB ram model along side the 16GB ram model (costs 200 bucks more), the 8GB performed just as well in nearly every task – and they really pushed it to the limits. The only reason to pay up for the 16GB RAM is if you want to edit 8K UHD videos or are a super serious music recording artist or highly advanced professional photographer – and even then it’s not too much of a difference. For the every day user (me or basically anyone who is not a computer professional) the 8GB working with this new M1 chip is mind-blowing, blows any other laptop on the market completely out of the water, and actually even performs just as well as the $2200 15 inch MacBook Pro using the Intel chip. As far as the storage goes, 256 ssd is standard – that’s what I got – and you can pay 200 bucks more for 512 ssd or 400 bucks more for 1 TB. But with the Cloud storage available now, you don’t really need to keep much on the laptop drive, you can just save it to the cloud.
Overall I honestly could go on for hours about every little detail that I absolutely love about this machine. A free one year subscription to Apple TV is also another little perk. But I am still mystified every day at how incredible this machine is. I’ve been online for over 3 hours now and its still on 92% battery. The new Retina display is brilliant. Everything is perfect. I truly am in love this laptop and would recommend that anyone looking for a new laptop to last a long time and outperform everything else on the market gets the new matchbook 13 inch M1.


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