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The best iPhone 13 mini cases

Whatever you need from the best iPhone 13 mini cases, we (probably) have a case you’ll like on our list below.

Maybe you want to give the iPhone 13 mini a much tougher exterior to avoid damaging your precious phone. Alternatively, you may have other priorities like a particular look or color, or special features like compatibility with Apple’s MagSafe chargers. You can find cases offering these among our top picks.

So whether you want a super-tough case or an attractive, slim one, here are our choices for the best iPhone 13 mini cases. And take a look at the best iPhone 13 deals too if you have yet to hit the buy button on your new small iPhone.

What are the best iPhone 13 mini cases? 

In order to choose the best case for your iPhone 13 mini, you need to decide what you want out of it. Material, design, price and the level of protection are all important factors to consider, as is whether you need it to be MagSafe compatible.

If that Apple flair is the most important thing to you, then getting one of Apple’s own cases would be the way to go — Apple’s cases come in silicone or leather with some stylish color options, or there’s a clear version if you want your phone’s design to be center stage. Want the best protection for your iPhone 13 mini? Then Spigen’s Tough Armor case provides it — and it even comes with a handy kickstand as a bonus. 

If you want a bit of extra style, we recommend Casetify — its cases are customizable, come in some cool prints, and are made with sustainable materials. And if you’d rather protect your phone with as little extra material as possible, then Totallee’s Super Thin case delivers some extra protection but without spoiling the lines of the phone.

 The best iPhone 13 mini cases available right now

Apple iPhone 13 mini clear MagSafe case

(Image credit: Apple)

1. Apple iPhone 13 mini case with MagSafe

The best iPhone 13 mini case for charging


Color: Clear

Materials: Polycarbonate and flexible materials

Reasons to buy






Reasons to avoid

MagSafe logo obscures phone

If you’re looking for a case for your iPhone, you can’t go wrong with going straight to Apple. The company sells MagSafe cases made of silicone or leather in multiple stylish colors — but our favorite is the clear iPhone 13 mini case. There’s no need to cover the phone up when it already looks great, after all.

This iPhone 13 mini case is made with a blend of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible materials. It’s lightweight, and comes with scratch proof and anti-yellowing coating. Coming straight from Apple also means it’s built to be used with MagSafe accessories, so you can add wireless chargers, battery packs, or card wallets that’ll snap right onto your phone thanks to the built-in magnets that align perfectly with the ones inside your iPhone 13 mini. 

Spigen tough armor iPhone 13 mini case

(Image credit: Spigen)

2. Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 13 mini case

The best iPhone 13 case for protection


Colors: Gunmetal, Black, Red, Navy Blue

Materials: Durable PC, Flexible TPU, Impact Foam

Reasons to buy

Impact foam for extra protection


Good grip


Kickstand included

If you want the best protection for your iPhone 13 mini, Spigen is a great place to go to for its rugged armor cases. The three layers of defense inside the frame provide great protection against drops and other shocks, and the raised lips of the case protect the cameras and the screen from scratches. 

The Spigen Tough Armor works with MagSafe wireless accessories, and comes with a handy kickstand as a bonus. All in all, this is a great case to protect your iPhone 13 mini. 

Casetify Clouds iPhone 13 mini case

(Image credit: CASETiFY)

3. CASETiFY Customizable iPhone 13 mini case

Best-looking iPhone 13 mini case


Colors: Customizable

Materials: 65% recycled plastic

Reasons to buy

Sustainable materials


Fun, customizable designs

Reasons to avoid

Distracting CASETiFY logo

Casetify’s cases are really stylish, and the level of customization they offer is impressive. They make cases using recycled plastic and other sustainable materials, and offer MagSafe compatibility and different levels of shock protection.

There’s no doubt that your phone will turn heads inside a Casetify case. The company’s design library features a whole host of fun and quirky looks — “never regretti eat your spaghetti” is a conversation-starter for sure. Of course, Casetify also offers matte and clear options for those of you that prefer a little more subtlety in your iPhone 13 mini case options.

Mujjo leather wallet case for iPhone 13 mini

(Image credit: Mujjo)

4. Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

Best stylish iPhone 13 mini case with space for cards


Colors: Tan, Black, Monaco Blue

Materials: Full-grain leather

Reasons to buy

Classy aesthetic


High-quality materials

Reasons to avoid

Only three colors to choose from

You’ll find you don’t need to choose between style and functionality with Mujjo’s Leather Wallet Cases. This sleek leather case has a high-quality feel great along with with raised bevels at the front and a bump at the back to protect the iPhone 13 mini’s screen and camera. 

The wallet on the back of the Mujjo case is a great addition, as it can hold up to three cards. That’s one less thing to remember to grab when you head out the door with your iPhone.

Caseology Nano Pop case for iPhone 13 mini

(Image credit: Caseology)

5. Caseology Nano Pop iPhone 13 mini case

Best looking cheap wireless charging case


Colors: Blueberry Navy, Black Sesame, Light Violet, Avo Green, Peach Pink

Materials: Silicone

Reasons to buy

Gorgeous color options


Wireless charging compatible


Won’t break the bank

The Caseology Nano Pop case is reportedly inspired by fruit, and will definitely make your iPhone 13 mini look fresh. The two-tone design of the case really makes it stand out — and it comes in five different colors, all of which look great.

The Nano Pop case is made of silicone, so it’s comfortable and feels good to hold, and Caseology promises it to be dust-free. It still offers great protection against drops, with an inner defense pattern and air-space technology in the corners. Plus, it’s compatible with MagSafe wireless chargers. All in all, it’s a great, stylish case, and one of the cheaper options on our list.

Totallee Super Thin iPhone 13 mini case

(Image credit: Totallee)

6. Totallee Super Thin iPhone 13 mini case

Best lightweight iPhone 13 mini case


Colors: Clear, Frosted Clear, Frosted Black, Navy Blue, Green, Carbon Fiber, Pearl White

Materials: Polypropene, TPU

Totallee’s Super Thin iPhone 13 mini case is ultra-thin, ultra-light and still offers amazing protection. It’s less than 0.03-inches thick, and weighs a tenth of an ounce. Perhaps the best thing about the design is its simplicity — the Super Thin case comes in four frosted matte translucent colors, allowing you to see your iPhone underneath that layer of protection. 

The case itself also doesn’t come adorned with any branding or logos, putting your new phone center stage. However, it does also come in a limited edition carbon fiber pattern too, if opaque cases are more your thing.

Despite how thin Totallee’s case is, it’s still drop-proof, and has a raised lip around the camera to protect it from scratches. The Super Thin iPhone 13 mini case works with MagSafe wireless chargers, and is guaranteed to be a perfect fit. What more could you ask for?

Moment iPhone 13 mini case

(Image credit: Moment)

7. Moment iPhone 13 mini case

Best iPhone 13 mini case to hold


Colors: Black

Materials: Polycarbonate, TPU

Reasons to buy

Feels great to hold


Grippy material


6-foot drop protection

Reasons to avoid

Wrist strap optional but not included

This Moment iPhone 13 mini case is strong, sleek, and really comes equipped with everything you need in a case. It’s soft to the touch and easy to grip, and will protect your phone from drops up to 6 feet. But you may not even need to worry about that — as it comes with space to attach a wrist strap (sold separately) to stop those big drops from happening in the first place.

It works with wireless chargers, as it comes equipped with (M)Force magnets — that’s Moment’s take on MagSafe. You can then connect the case to a variety of accessories, such as Moment’s range of tripods and car mounts. The iPhone 13 mini case is currently only available in black, but that’s no problem when it looks this fantastic.

Mous bamboo iPhone 13 mini case

(Image credit: Mous)

8. Mous Bamboo iPhone 13 mini case

Most attractive iPhone 13 mini case


Colors: Bamboo, Aramid Fiber, Black Leather, Speckled Fabric, Walnut

Materials: Polycarbonate, TPU, Bamboo/Leather/Wood backplate

Reasons to buy

Looks amazing


Ultra protection


Not too bulky

Reasons to avoid

Can slip when propped up

If you want a case that stands out — the Mous Bamboo iPhone 13 mini case certainly does that. It feels great to hold, with a nice wooden finish, and works great with all MagSafe accessories. It’s nice and thin — even thinner than the previous Mous Limitless 3.0 case. Even so, it doesn’t compromise on protection, with Mous’ AiroShock impact absorbing technology.

If bamboo isn’t your thing, the case comes in four other designs, including a nice walnut brown and sleek black leather — and you can pick up a Mous MagSafe compatible wireless charger, stand, or card wallet to use with it if you like.

Casely here comes the sun iPhone 13 mini case

(Image credit: Casely)

9. Casely Here Comes The Sun Clear iPhone 13 mini case

Most fun iPhone 13 mini case


Colors: Clear

Materials: 50% recycled TPU

Reasons to buy

Gorgeous design


Sustainable materials

Casely makes some really vibrant and beautiful phone cases — our pick of the bunch is the Here Comes The Sun colorblock sunset clear case, featuring a beautiful sunset scene over rolling colorful sand dunes. All this is layered over a clear panel at the top, to allow your iPhone mini’s color scheme to peek through the sun’s rays.

Even though Casely’s offering looks great, there’s no need to worry about protection either — the case has rounded edges designed to protect the screen and buttons, even from hard falls. This stunning sunny case will keep you smiling, even if your phone takes a tumble.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 13 mini case

(Image credit: Spigen)

10. Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 13 mini case

Best cheap rugged case


Colors: Clear, Matte Black, Red Crystal, Rose Crystal, Sand Beige

Materials: TPU

Reasons to buy

Great protection


Affordable price

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case is a great choice for iPhone 13 mini owners who want strong protection at a low price. The clear backing shows off your iPhone 13 mini, while giving it a pop of color around the edges for flair — or there’s a totally clear version if you like to keep your phone’s design front and center. 

The Ultra Hybrid’s raised edges lift your phone off the ground when you place it down, helping protect the screen and camera from scratches, while keeping the case slim and lightweight. Plus, it’s MagSafe compatible for wireless charging. 

How to choose the best iPhone 13 mini case for you


When choosing the best iPhone 13 mini case for you, you need to remember that it may be smaller than what you’re used to. This could mean more drops than usual, so prioritize protection in your case if that’s a concern for you.

There are plenty of stylish iPhone 13 mini cases with good drop protection, so you shouldn’t need to compromise on this if you still want your phone to look great — but of course it’s another factor that will influence your decision.

Think as well if there are any other features you’d like included in your case, such as a wrist strap, kickstand, wallet, and whether you want it built for MagSafe. You really can spend as little or as much as you like on a phone case, so just go with your gut and choose what feels right for you.

And make sure when you’re shopping for a case, that you select the iPhone 13 mini option. As the smallest of Apple’s phones, it will only work with cases specifically designed for the mini; other options will be too large for your phone.